Europa 2002 Truck Trial - visited by konditori100

Photos I took one day of the European championship in Europa 2002 Truck Trial. I visited Ystad the first day of two, Saturday 20 July. There were no Swedish competitors or "Cars made in Sweden" in 2002.

Truck trial is a slalom contest, so they shall drive between the right sticks - and leave them standing.

It was pretty steep at some places.

Here are some special models.



One way to go, backwards downhill.

This is usually a more usual way to drive downhill.

But not that time.

I think it got stuck over the edge.

I guess it takes some training to drive one of those.

Ready to go.



Good brakes are good to have...

This Åkerman excavator was also good to have, working as a wreck truck instead of its usual hollowing.

With horsepowers, low gears and right tyre pressure, trucks like these can take you 'anywhere'...

No, it wasn't stuck. Slowly slowly it went on.

Here comes a larger truck.



Another one.

He made it, too.

It was really fascinating to watch that event.

If I understood it right, this was the first competition held in Sweden. At the previous one, in Germany, they had some 50.000 spectators.

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