Travel memories from Norway in August 2011

In early 2011 my son asked me about tourism in Norway by car. Towards the summer I found out that it would be a holiday trip for the two of us. That was a very pleasant feeling.

My son only had 7-8 days for the journey, so we began with his wishing-list of places to visit. The Norwegain landscape gives some limitations about how far you can drive by car during a time period...

We cut it down to places from the Trondheim area in mid Norway to the Stavanger area in the south, and checked some alternative routes. A good help here were route planners provided via the Internet, but they are approximative in this kind of road-landscape. We booked hotels in advance, since the trip would be in the holiday season and we were rather short of time.

Then I sat down with maps and guide books to find other interesting places along the way, and also nearby in case we had time here or there along the way. I also wrote down some info about places and areas we planned to pass, since I think that makes the trip more interesting.

And here are my travel memories, with many photos and some text.

When we came back to Stockholm we had a pleasant feeling of a nice journey with visits to several interesting places and mostly good weather.

2012-05-07. Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss ©. Prod: AG Informice