Travel memories from western Europe in June 2008

I have been back on the tracks in western Europe again. Three weeks with visits to both new and familiar areas.

In 1972 I bought my first Interrail ticket, the new ticket for holiday journeys by train in Europe. Since then I have bought some more, using trains to see many areas instead of spending several days at a few places. Then I had a period of holidays with children, followed by a period of holidays on ships with visits to more remote areas - among others islands where the vikings had been.

As a backbone for this Interrail journey I chose areas on the continent of western Europe where the vikings had been active. I also had some places I wanted to revisit, and others that I never got to during earlier trips. As usual I wanted to spend most nights on trains.

I like to spend a minimum of time waiting in lines when on holiday, so I made the trip early in the summer and with almost all necessary additional tickets and a few booked hotel rooms. Sadly I did not have enough time to prepare as much I want to do, with the history and the present of the places.

In the menu to the left, the "- - -" indicates a 'not-direct' trip between two places.

Well, all aboard.

When I write this, I still have some unfinished travel memories on my web site...
And some that I haven't begun to write about...

However, I chose to write this travel memory from a contentful trip now.

A little warning about the content. Like there may be bones in fish courses, there may be incorrect descriptions in my text.

The photos on my web pages - I gladly use photos that many others would throw away, if they fit with my story.

2021-04-29. Text: Arne Granfoss: