Travel memories from Northern Atlantic in May-June 2007

Once again I had the opportunity to enjoy a cruise that took me to several places that I am interested in, and for a long time had on my want-to-see list. This time I visited more of the islands in the Northern Atlantic.

Once again the first part of the trip took me to Oslo in Norway.

Once again it was a cruise with a ship owned by Hurtigruten.

Welcome to join me around southern Norway, to Shetland and Færøyene (Faroe Islands), on to Iceland and around the southern coast of Greenland.

This trip began, in a way, already in 2005 when I wrote to Hurtigruten and asked if they had planned to buy a new ship. In early 2006, when I had read about the coming MS Fram, I wrote and suggested a maiden voyage on the theme of Vikings and with visits to several islands in the northern Atlantic with Baffin Island and L'anse aux Meadows at the far end. In September I wrote and asked if the route for Frams maiden voyage had been decided, but it hadn't. Then I drowned in job, and it took some time until I discovered that the info about the first cruises had been published. Well, at least I managed to get a cabin for the first two distances that I was most interested in.

In another way, the trip may have begun already back in 1968. One of the summers I spent in Molde, on the coast of Norway, a vessel from Færøyene came on visit. My uncle told me that it was about 100 years old, and it made me curious about those islands I had never heard about.

A little warning about the content. Like there may be bones in fish courses, there may be incorrect descriptions in my text. I've tried to get facts from local books and similar, but I have used info from several other sources too.

The photos on my web pages - I gladly use photos that many others would throw away, if they fit with my story.

2021-04-29. Text: Arne Granfoss: