Travel memories from northern Norway in August 2004

It is easy to dream.

It is mostly not so easy to fulfil dreams, and once fulfilled the results from some dreams can disappoint you.

To fulfil a dream and feel that the dream still remains, but as a blend of dream and memories - that is wonderful.

During the years I have been lucky to be able to fulfil some of my dreams, and most of them made me very happy and gave me many living memories.

My wonderful visit to southern South America and Antarctica in February 2003 made me want to visit more cold places, and in August 2004 I went to northern Norway. Far north. On the way there and back I took the opportunity to visit a few other areas, both familiar and new.

Now I have been lucky to fulfil another dream.

A journey far north - around Svalbard.

It was a trip that gave me so many impressions that it will take a long time to land them all in my memory.

A trip that was wonderful. And still is...

A little warning about the content. Like there may be bones in fish courses, there may be incorrect descriptions in my text. I've tried to get facts from local books and similar, but I've had to add with info from other sources too.

The photos on my web pages vary mainly due to four reasons: the weather changed rather rapidly at times, I used two cameras and various types of film, some are enlarged parts of photos taken with telelens, and when I edit photos I focus more on making the objects nice to see than to get a group of photos look similar...   and I gladly use photos that many others would throw away, if they fit with my story.

2021-04-29. Text: Arne Granfoss: