Event memories


Here we serve a selection of dishes with ingredients that the owner has collected at various events.

The main ingredient is photos, and most of the dishes have a taste of "Cars made in Sweden".

A warning to you who always want your dishes well prepared and served with finesse - some of these dishes are more like a group of ingredients just placed on the plate. Like photos but no info. We beg your pardon.

Maybe the owner will complete them some time in the future ...

In connection to this, the owner has a wish/tips: all of you who take care of elder vehicles and exhibit them for others to enjoy - please display some info about the vehicles. It's interesting to see at least make, model and year of production. Thank you.

The owners recent activities in this travel area in konditori100 was to move these event memories here, from the closed "Cars made in Sweden" area in the garage. It has been a delicate operation, since there were plentyful of links to photos and pages in the garage.

2021-05-02. www.konditori100.se. Text: Arne Granfoss: