Gammelvala Veteranfordonsdag 2003 - visited by Konditori 100

In Brunskog, near Arvika, a nostalgic festival is held for several days with various focus. Among others there were a day for veteran vehicles.

These vehicles were made in Sweden, if not else noted.

Lexington 1919 (U.S.A.)
Preparing the info sign.

Husqvarna mod 170, 1925

More and more cars are parked.

Volvo PV444, 1953

Munktell 23hp steam engine from 1920. 140rpm.
Preparations to do.

Kärnan and Svalan, both 1952

Stoewer LT4, 1910 (Germany)

Scania-Vabis 1965


Northern, 1902 (U.S.A.)

Union, 1951.
In the background boys in oldstyle clothes are occupied with oldstyle farm work.

Now it's started.

Seffle crude oil engine with 'open air water cooling'.
The warm water is led by a pipe to the top, and then runs down on the rags and nets - and gets cooled down.

E.N. Special, 1949

Aero Minor, 1950 (Czechoslovakia)

Panhard Dyna, 1955 (France)


Also in a Citroen (France) CV2 from 1960 there can be reflections...

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