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Jag har satt mig här, förutom att vara bakom konditoridisken, för att berätta om kvällen då ägaren kom hem efter konserten med Brian Wilson 2002-01-20.

Brian Wilson var ju han som var motorn i Beach Boys, som är ägarens absoluta favoritgrupp.

Ägaren var så upprymd, så jag kom mig bara för att berätta det på engelska - och så kommer det att förbli.

- - -
I just have to tell you, that yesterday evening the owner came surfin in on something blue. I asked him what had happened, and his answer made me catch a wave. "It's like Christmas time is here again! It was so fun, fun, fun. Do you remember some wonderful dream you had a long time ago?! Something you really wanted to experience, the kind of just once in my life thing. Wouldn't it be nice? But, even in the wildest of your imagination thought was just impossible to happen."

"Then, one evening some 35 years later, you meet lots of friends - and Mr Music. Strange things happen, you're taken to the nearest faraway place on this whole world, and suddenly it's a beautiful day under the surfer moon. Good vibrations fill you, flow through you, and your dream comes true. I get around in the endless harmony that comes from the stage, when we hear the pet sounds of our favourite recording sessions. It feels like forever was with me tonight!"

Then he looked at me, and said: "I've been at Brian Wilsons 'The Pet Sounds Tour', and it sure was a good time. Brian Wilson, nine boys and a surfer girl gave me one of the two best concerts I've ever experienced!"

Suddenly he looks at those of you who are in parts of northwestern Europe the coming days, and continues: "Add some music to your day! This tour is meant for you. Brian and his group visits Hamburg 22 January, Berlin 23:d, Glasgow 25th, and London 27, 28, 29 and 30 January. And finally Dublin on 1 February. They play lots of the hits and other wonderful songs, AND all the songs from the Pet Sounds album! I'm sure you're welcome!"

And then he sails away on the blue again, with the words "Surf's up!".
- - -

He seemed more excited than after the Beach Boys concert he visited in the summer of 2001. I must confess that now I too have some good vibrations in me… think I'll do some surfin' on /www.brianwilson.com ... Maybe the tour will visit other places, too, later?

But now I get back to my normal business, alltså återvänder till kondoitoridisken.

Innan det ska jag bara berätta, så ni förstår lite mer om hur ägaren här är, att han allvarligt funderade på att åka till London och uppleva det en gång till. Jo, så'n är han. Men, det var tydligen utsålt.

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