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Nice to get some decent company to talk to. The guy running this place is like he is. I have a lot of things to tell. But he keeps running around in the garage among cars, and doing other silly things. So I locked him and me inside the kitchen to get some real things done. But even when he's locked inside there, he keeps running around doing lots of other things. I just don't understand him.

Anyhow, the first pages about my holiday trip in the summer of 1998 are almost finished - telling you about my voyage with Hurtigruten along the coast of Norway. (See Travel 100.)

Let me tell you a little about travelling.

I've travelled some in Europe, mostly visiting cities. Both alone and with two children, which is two different things. When going without the children I prefer to travel alone, with a small bag and a rough schedule of places I would like to visit. Maybe I've arranged to visit some friends during the trip.

When I travel with my children I want to have most things arranged in advance. Once on the trip you can use the time to more pleasant things than searching and queueing for somewhere to sleep, for tickets, et cetera.

But one rule is always followed whenever I travel: least possible luggage. Preferably just one bag each that we can bring aboard air planes, so we don't have to wait for luggage before leaving airports we arrive to. When visiting cities there usually are no problems finding what you need in shops, and visiting shops can become extra memories. Not always so easy when you don't know the language...

Some other tips:

You want tips about places to visit? Follow the sign Travel 100.

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