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Hello, there!

Have you too read about the scientists that managed to send a signal faster than that of light? In the article I read, the author mentioned the possibility to send a warning, so that president John F Kennedy would not be killed on November 22 1963.

As an investigating journalist I immediately got interested, and will do some research about this. Because - maybe that was just what happende!

Think: a scientist read about sending messages to the past, and manage to send a warning about the murder. And in the U.S.A. there is a scientist at the time who manages to receive the message! And who is against president Kennedy!!

In the message he can read where and when the murder happened, or rather: will happen. The scientist maybe isn't an expert shooter, but he goes to the house with a rifle. And shoot as good as he can manage. Actually he doesn't have to aim so precise, because the message told him about the assassination and he know that he will get hits ...    He or someone else ...

To send messages and to travel in time, is a very interesting subject. Especially the paradox: like if you send a message to your mother as a young girl, and warn her from dating your father as a young man, the result will be that you won't be born - and won't be able to send the message ...

If you tell your mother as young to, instead, choose another man whom you know will become very rich ...    will it still be just you that will be born, and able to send the message? And then, how do you know that you shall send the message?

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Updated October 26, 1997
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