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Good morning.

Nice that you visit me here, whenever it is - and wheresoever it is.

Well, in this electronic world of communications it's a bit this and that with terms of time and place. Sometimes you don't know what to write, or say (to phone answering machines for example). You have no idea about when and where your message will be read or listened to.

We can of course use time-neutral phrases like hello and bye and so on, but it may become a bit dull after some time. Sometimes you want to make a variation of the meaning. When talking to each other, even via phone, it's rather easy to hear underlying feelings - like sadness or irony. I have the feeling we ought to sort this out in the electronic communication, too.

Why not start with using these phrases:

And naturally we must realize that all expressions, greeting phrases etc is valid no matter what time or place in reality. (With the fast and frequent electronic communication, together with flexible working hours, working on distance etc, it's rather comic now and then.)

Good evening.

P.S. Good Saturday morning, by the way. A tip if you want to know "computer terms" recommended to use in swedish, take a look at Svenska datatermgruppen (Swedish data term group). In the first column, here and there, you find english terms.

Good evening again.

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