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I just arrived, so I haven't been here so long. Yet.

There's talking about time here now, and about what time is. Yeah, a bit strange with time, and how progress influence time and terms related to time.

As I just said, I just arrived here. Or more correctly said: as I just wrote, and you (presumably) just read. Or even more correctly: "Or more correctly written: as I just wrote, and you (presumably) just read."

To make it easier, maybe we shall keep to our old "oral terms". Like "said", "heard" etc.

If i hear something via phone or "hear" it via e-mail doesn't matter, does it? The same with said it via phone or "said" it via e-mail. No matter what technical device we use, it's the same kind of talking to each other. As principle in this case it's not so interesting which of our senses we use to receive or send messages. With todays and tomorrows tools a computer can read a written text through a loudspeaker, a message via phone can be written on the display as hearing aid etc.

Today we use a mix of terms when talking about mass media like newspapers, radio, web pages etc. To hear the news or to read the news is the same thing, the only difference being which senses we use. And we understand all right in spite of the various terms, don't we?

Or are there a difference between to hear and to read? For example when thinking about getting something confirmed? It's easy to find back a newspaper and read the text again. A bit harder when it comes to radio and television. Maybe read is more "reliable" than heard? (Anyone saying that you read a rumour?)

What about web pages, then? There you have written text, but what when you shall find a web page where you earlier read something special? Is the web page still there? Is the text the same as the last time? If you just read something on the home page of Konditori 100 before coming to this page, that text may be another when you go back to that homepage after reading this.

No, I don't have any answers to this. Just thoughts like these.

By the way, how did you get to this web page? Did you turn over the page, jump to, go to, or something else?

Hello!? Are you still here at the table? I can't see what you are saying. Did you hear what I just wrote?

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