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So, you also want to read what I have to say. Nice, but sorry that I'm rather sad. I'll tell you why.

For many years I've tried to act as a gentleman, the kind you see in elder movies. Opening doors, picking up handkerchiefs that ladies drop, and so on. I've done rather well, but it's becoming harder all the time.

I guess it started when people began using paper tissues, those handkerchiefs made of paper. Who drops a paper tissue, and becomes glad when someone picks it up and gives it back?!

Then the technical stuff. You can't be kind in the shop and give a coin to the customer in front of you who don't have enough money - instead they take out a credit card. And the doors are opened automatically. If you pretend opening the door for someone, you just get a strange glance. Or an ironical "thank you".

At the front doors to houses it's even worse. If you wait to open the door, while they press the code lock keys, then they call the Police. On their cellular phones. A couple of times I've had to run away ...

And noone needs coins for the telephone automats. By the way - noone have asked me to borrow my phone card ...     But you can't walk around carrying a lot of plastic cards to be a gentleman. As you see, it's bad times for gentlemen nowadays.

But, I'm working on an invention that will help me, I can tell you. A plastic card for gentlemen. Right now I'm testing the built-in jamming transmitter. When I press a place on the card it will jam the automatic door-openers, and they won't work until I come to the rescue with a gentlemans help.

Well, you got to keep up with the changes of time.

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