Konditori 100

The Chest in the corner
The Chest opening

konditori100 entrance

In this chest we'll save some elder things, oddities and various...     Things I just don't feel like throwing away.

Since the owner had to move things around in here in order to get free space in the suitable areas, and then moved old guests back from here to the guest list, there's only one thing in here now.

It's the old Konditori 100s Travel (the Travel 100 side door) with travel tips about some of the places the owner had visited. Some years after he had released the travel tips area in Konditori 100, there had come a number of travel magazines, travel agencies and others on the Internet - many of them with much more resources than the owners hobby time. So, he decided to write travel memories instead.

This link opens a new window with the OLD travel tips.

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