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This guest book is filled from this end. At the end a short
history of Konditori 100. If response from net-visiting guests comes, maybe I open a guest book for that too. Any comment from you about Konditori 100?

Good morning. I've got the name Mr IT at this place. Work in the computer world, in a few of many possible ways. But I also have other interests.

The pastry-cook here calls me Media chewer since I use to comment things in the papers etc. Not wholly wrong, since I'm interested in mass media, and "chew" through quite a bit of it. With rather critical teeth.

Hi and easy jumps - at least when it's warm. Count on that. With love from a woman.

CD Vinyl the owner of this place have nicknamed me, since I can't tell what I like best - cd or vinyl records. I think the songs are most important. OK even on the old 78's. Mostly I listen to pop and rock from 1950-1969, and there around, and music like that. Mostly from U.S.A. and northern Europe, but some other music styles too.

Here's a greeting from a man who try to fight a gentlemans war against the technical progress that prevents a gentleman from being a gentleman. Weapon: technical stuff. I like this primitive café, and might well pay it more visits.

Eurotrotter is what I'm called here, since I love to travel around in Europe. I'm the first regular guest of Konditori 100, and will probably spend a lot of time here giving tips about places I've visited. As the first regular I've got the honour to have a link from this guest book to my regular table. Have a nice trip! Eurotrotter.

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Konditori 100 started as a prerecorded pause program ("sling-kassett") on a "Närradio" radio station - Radio Solna-Sundbyberg, on frequency 97,3 Mhz. The name comes from the "program" format, in the tv talk show style in Sweden often called "Café", and the sum of 97 and 3 which is 100. The first Konditori 100 was broadcast in the summer of 1989. Early winter the program appeared on 95,3 Stockholm Citys second transmitter. Later Konditori 100 reappeared on 97,3.

Närradion was a kind of local radio stations, the main idea to cover one community, where associations had scheduled broadcasts. Between the more or less scarce association programs each station could choose between silence, a singular tone or a "not-program". The associations programs were primarily about their own activities and other items with local interest in association to their activities. The "slinga" (on loop-running tape recorder) gave information about Närradio, how to make radio programs etc. Well, yes, there were some exceptions ... Those "not-programs" were often broadcast a great number of times.

Since the spring of 1997 I am on the Internet, and it seems appropriate to reawaken Konditori 100. Like many others it's not so easy to describe why I set up web pages, but I am interested in testing the possibilities in some ways. Hopefully you will at least find something amusing, maybe something non-amusing, and now and then also something worth thinking about.

Take good care of yourself, and others too!
Arne Granfoss.

P.S. During the years 1989-1994 I made 13 not-programs for 95,3 Stockholm City 2 and 47 for 97,3 Radio Solna-Sundbyberg. (16 in 1992.) I also worked with a number of live programs, mainly "Hem och Skola Hagalund" ("Home and School") and "Lediga Lördag" ("Free Saturday"). Mostly with editorial work, but also as technician. It was a wonderful time! D.S.

Who I am? Come back to Konditori 100 now and then, and you'll meet more and more of me.

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Konditori 100 guests
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Updated October 26 1997.
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