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A strange diary came by e-mail a day in the late summer of 1997. Here are some notes from it, written in the summer of 2001 ...

Stockholm June 20, 2001
Came home unusually early, considering it's the day before my holiday. Wonderful. Three weeks free. Relaxed with Richard Strauss classic "Also sprach Zarathustra", and packed the last things in my bag. Now I'm sitting here with a box containing old singles and EP's. The old record player is set on 45 rpm, I have something to drink and eat - so the evening will be delightful. Right now "I can hear music" with The Beach Boys.

Oslo June 23, 2001
Last evening I visited Holmenkollen, sitting chatting with Miss Flemming, when a slightly intoxicated man came and asked if he could taste some. First I didn't understand at all, but then I got it. I said it was almost empty, and gave him some money in hope he would leave. He did, luckily. Dare hardly imagine what would happen if he tried to get the Thermos bottle, and spill some of the content - precious Miss Flemming.

Bergen June 25, 2001
At last here, on M/S Kong Olav, one of the elder ships on the route Hurtigruten, for a trip all the way to Kirkenes and back. A trip along the norwegian coast, which still takes eleven days and nights.

I am still a bit shaky after the incident with Miss Flemming. I must be more cautious with her. Dr Floyd really wouldn't be happy if he knew I brought her with me from the office. Had I asked, the answer would be a definite no - so I didn't ask. Just smuggled her out in a Thermos.

These computers still are expensive experiments, and not many know that we already have voice communication with them. During the winter 96/97 a couple of scientists managed to get one to count 1+1=2, and then it was said that it would perform more advanced calculations before the next winter - using the coffein molecules in a cup of coffee to do the calculations.

Sounded rather incredible at the time, but now I can sit here and talk with Miss Flemming about almost anything. Similar to HAL in the movie "2001 - s space odyssey" from 1968. In those days it was pure science fiction to talk to computers, and it took some time until it worked good enough. But, when I left the office for the holiday I shouted "File Exit" when entering the elevator, and heard several angry cries from colleagues working with voice controlled computers. Hope they've forgotten about it when I get back.

Close to Molde June 26, 2001
Beautiful weather and lots of wonderful views. And yet I think about the work now and then. Maybe it's because of all the water around me ;-)

I think a lot about Miss Flemming, the liquid computer I brought in a Thermos. She is loaded with data and programmed to do almost anything with these data. I could let her record me speaking my diary, and tell her to send a copy home every evening. But I don't dare take her out of my bag.

Can i make a backup by pouring half of her into another Thermos? Or will "half of her" dissapear then? What if I spill some drops? If I forget to put the cap back, and some of her evaporate a warm day? If the Thermos is outdoors without the cap on, and it begins to rain into Miss Flemming?

Anyhow, now I'll let the nature take over my senses. A good full hour until we get to Molde. I send a copy of my diary home now, and will let the rest of it be exclusively for the holiday.

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