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The owner of this café calls me Mr CD Vinyl, since I don't know if I prefer cd- or vinyl records. Well ...

First I'll tell you that I've bought the new cd from Brian Wilson, and I like it. Naturally.

As before I'm sitting here thinking, about records I once had. And wondering about some artists. And things like that. (Sorry, but I haven't had time to think about anything new.)

Maybe you can help me?

  1. I once had an LP with the title "California 99", or something like that. Kind of musical story - could've been from a movie, but wasn't a sound track as far as I remember. Have noted that these songs were on the album: "Overture" with Jimmie Haskell, "Underture" with Peter Townshend, and "Jessica Stone" with Bill Szymczyk and John Wonderling. What was that record? Is it released on cd?   ***   An answer I recieved in August 2002 from John Wonderling. "California 99" was not a soundtrack. It was a conceptual album by Jimmie Haskell and produced by Bill Szymczyk. Probably Pete Townshend didn't play on the album, but that song was used. "Jessica Stone" was sung by Joe Walsh. The album was released on Dunhill. Thanks for the answer! (Mr CD Vinyl still hasn't seen it on cd...)

  2. I once recorded a song from radio, "Vi diggar rock'n'roll" with Kaare Widerud (was his name, I think). Sang in norwegian. Have tried to find the record, but no one have recollected either the song or the artist. On what record were the song released? On cd now? Who is the artist?

  3. Lisa Burns, who is she? I have an album with a completely white sleeve - not a single word on it. Are there more records with her?

  4. The Beach Boys are my favourite group. I haven't set my mind to have everything they have recorded in my collection, but can be nice to know about it all. Where can I find a complete list of the Beach Boys recordings?

  5. "Spanish mouse"(?) with Cadian(?), is that song available on cd? Info about the group?

  6. "All of them witches" with Stark Naked, is that song available on cd? Info about the group?

  7. "Guitar army" with The Rationals, is that song available on cd? Info about the group?
Please write to
arneg@algonet.se if you can give me some info.

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