Often I hear, read or see something that makes me wonder. Mostly it is just small reflections, but sometimes they make me think a bit more about how things are.

It may be items that wake my curiosity, or a short text in a newspaper that seems odd, or a short interview I hear on the radio where an answer seems to be a scratch on the surface of something that doesn't seem so normal.

Many times I just get a quick thought. One example is a text on text-tv: it said that criminals sentenced to lift-time get back to criminal life more seldom than other convicted criminals. I think that it may have to do with how long time they spend out of jail after their time...

Another example is also from text-tv: In Sweden there were more unemployed people in one certain early summer month than the same month last year. An analyst at a bank was said to believe that the reason could be that many full-time students were looking for summer jobs. Well, I guess it was the same situation that month the previous year too... (If the analyst compared with the previous month this year, the comment could be right.)

A few times I think more about the reflections that pop up in my mind.

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Bonus analysis emerged from a longer period of news in the media about the very large bonuses that were paid in some companies.

5 June 2010   MIND   Arne Granfoss