There are several kinds of ideas. Here I focus on the kind of ideas that are closer to visions, where the idea has been processed in the mind for some time and taken a more concrete form.

Sometimes you get ideas like solutions to problems or ways to act, ideas that are rather realistic to realize but still are far from the detailed levels found in manuals. They may initially seem very odd.

I think that kind of ideas are positive and creative in our social lifes, in most kinds of meetings between people. How do you react when someone comes up with that kind of an idea?

In such moments I like to use positive questions, with the purpose to spur persons thoughts about the idea. I get interested both of the idea itself and learn to know how the person thinks about it. I also like to hear people reason about the new idea as it develops in their minds, to listen to their interpretations of new associated ideas as they are born.

If someone say "I wish it would be easier to use this machine", I like to respond with something like "Yes. How can that be done?".

Ideas articles
"Resort Sweden" is an idea about the future of Sweden. What shall people work with if job opportunities leave the country, to the benefit of other countries where it can be performed at a lower cost?

2 October 2009   MIND   Arne Granfoss