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One day in May 2007 I saw a Volvo XC90 arriving with two
RescueRunners, designed and owned by Sjöräddningssällskapet (Swedish Sea Rescue Society).

She is built in two modules, one 'cartridge' with the drive train mounted in a hull (that can be exchanged if damaged).

Among others she can be launched from helicopter, and be used in shallow areas and among rocks.

Wonderful to see useful tools with practical design. She looks good, too.


During hundreds of years people have watched sailing ships arriving, and feeling hope or curiosity or fear.
This is a peaceful Swedish merchant ship.
The East Indiaman Götheborg from 1738 made three voyages to China and back to Sweden, but then she ran aground close to Göteborg and sank.

In 1984 she was found, and an idea was born.

The new Götheborg was launched in 2003, named in 2004 - and in 2005 she began her 2 years long voyage to China and back to Sweden.
In late May 2008 she arrived to Norrköping, the first stop on her "Baltic Sea Tour 2008".

"Easy with the guns, lads. She has ladies onboard.", maybe a gentleman officer in a defense fortress would say?

Her length is 41 metres, almost 59 metres with the bowsprit, and 11 metres wide. Her masts reaches 47 metres above the waterline, and can carry 1.964 square metres of sails. And she has 1.100 horsepowers!

For safety and practical reasons, this modern ship that is classified for voyages on the oceans has two engines. Made by Volvo.

She was heard as she entered the central port of Norrköping, from guns on both sides.
I wonder what the children of today thinks of such a ship? For me, it was a pleasure to see her again.
Sometime I may also publish my photos from her visit in Stockholm in 2005.

More about her on

Stridsbåt 90
Just two photos now of this military vessel.

She and her sisters were constructed at the wharfs Dockstavarvet AB and Gotlandsvarv AB. Two Scania V8 engines gives her plenty of power and speed.

More photos will be berthed here sometime in the future...

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