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Saturday 29 August 2015

Finally something new has happened here ...

In early January, the owner said: "Now my civilian life have come back to a peace that allows me to continue with the war - at the Swedish borders in World War II. And hopefully take care of some other tasks too in this site."

That hope was attacked by a digital communication problem, followed by a health problem, and then a crashed PC. Now another PC is fitted to the owners wishes for functions, almost, and if you read this - the new upload function has worked.

We have added ingredients to the dish Sweden in World War II - across borders. The version is now called 0.4.

Speaking of war, we have a text written in Swedish - a number of questions that ought to be answered when it comes to the design of a nations defence. Risk att Norge anfaller Sverige?

I don't know if it works ok with a translator, but at least the photos are international ...

These dishes can only be ordered via this page:
- Thank you, Brian Wilson, a mix of gratitude and memories of the Beach Boys.
- Marina 100 - a temporary floating jetty with a few "Ships made in Sweden".
- Some konditori100 history - old guests blog-like monologues and other scrap.
- The even even more oldier and ancientier exclusive interview with the owner, from 2005.

All we virtual employees in konditori100 continue to hope for better times.

The konditori100 has (had) become a rather large construction since it was opened in the spring of 1997. Like with streets in a city, there is a mix of brand new and elder ones. Like streets, a web site like this have a need for maintenance. Like a city have limited financial resources for maintenance, I have limited time. It becomes a balance act between adding new parts and maintenance of the old. Sometimes larger maintenance needs are met with only small necessary patchworks.

Now and then I correct misspellings I find on elder web pages, but there are much more I'd like to fix with the elder areas in konditori100. However, time ...

I think it is more positive to add new content both for you and me, so I hope you can bear with various faults here and there - including old photos edited in a time when the size in bits was relevant for storage size and communication time.

Old Konditori 100 scraps

Here are some links to old Konditori 100 dishes, a part of the konditori100 history. I hope you will find some amuzing stuff there, among others some guests early blog-like appearances.
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    Det finns också några gamla webbsidor på svenska:

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  • Granfors - Granfoss en början

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