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First: under construction is a label that suits lots of areas in konditori100, as more info are received and found and the owner has time to work with this hobby.

Konditori 100 began as a kind of pause program on a local radio station. Springtime 1997 Konditori 100 was reborn as a web site with content in the same spirit as via the radio waves. Since then it has grown, and now contains different themes. Almost all info is in english.
In early 2004 the new web address www.konditori100.se was activated, and in May 2004 the konditori100 was modified (and slightly renamed).

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konditori100 - general entrance www.konditori100.se
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Pictures for links to konditori100
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Priorities, roughly
0. switch to www.konditori100.se
1. motormuseum - info about 2004
2. garage - events
3. garage - Cars made in Sweden
4. travel - memories, some more
5. hurtigruten
6. Konditori-guests - long queue outside (will probably be let in occasionally)
7. gallery
8. New content ideas (longing for time to start this…)

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Konditori 100 started as a prerecorded pause program ("sling-kassett") on a "Närradio" radio station - Radio Solna-Sundbyberg, on frequency 97,3 Mhz. The name comes from the "program" format, in the tv talk show style in Sweden often called "Café", and the sum of 97 and 3 which is 100. The first Konditori 100 was broadcast in the summer of 1989. Early winter the program appeared on 95,3 Stockholm Citys second transmitter. Later Konditori 100 reappeared on 97,3.

Närradion was a kind of local radio stations, the main idea to cover one community, where associations had scheduled broadcasts. Between the more or less scarce association programs each station could choose between silence, a singular tone or a "not-program". The associations programs were primarily about their own activities and other items with local interest in association to their activities. The "slinga" (on loop-running tape recorder) gave information about Närradio, how to make radio programs etc. Well, yes, there were some exceptions... Those "not-programs" were often broadcast a great number of times.

In early 1997 I began on the Internet, after having thought about what to publish for about an year, and it seemed appropriate to reawaken Konditori 100. Like many others it's not so easy to describe why I set up web pages, but I was interested in testing the possibilities in some ways. Hopefully you will at least find something amusing, maybe something non-amusing, and now and then also something worth thinking about.

Konditori 100 on Internet began on one address, grew more than I had imagined, and got spread out on a handful of addresses. Growing with bits and pieces seldom results in a wholesome. From winter 2000-2001 it is assembled to fewer servers (which takes time to arrange, but makes administration more easier).

In winter 2003-2004 I got the new address www.konditori100.se, and began during the late spring a great web page move to a new structure that is easier to maintain. At the same time the remaining pages in Swedish is skipped, except for the motormuseum. The spelling of the name became konditori100.

(Some facts about moving Konditori 100: in spring of 2000, it had some 700 web pages and 1.300 pictures...)

Take good care of yourself, and others too!

P.S. During the years 1989-1994 I made 13 not-programs for 95,3 Stockholm City 2 and 47 for 97,3 Radio Solna-Sundbyberg. (16 in 1992.) I also worked with a number of live programs, mainly "Hem och Skola Hagalund" ("Home and School") and "Lediga Lördag" ("Free Saturday"). Mostly with editorial work, but also as technician. It was a wonderful time! D.S.

Who I am? Come back to Konditori 100 now and then, and you'll meet more and more of me.

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