Hurtigruten, introduction

"The world's most beautiful sea voyage."

Big words in the marketing of Hurtigruten, the Coastal Express along the norwegian coast.

Big words are really needed to describe the trip with Hurtigruten, but big words will never be enough.

During my childhood I spent many summertime hours looking at the ships of Hurtigruten when they visited Molde. I've seen photographs from the route, and tv programmes. In summer 1992 my children and I made a day-long trip from Trondheim to Molde. That was all.

In early september 1998 I finally made the whole trip, from Bergen to Kirkenes and back. (Well, I left the ship in Molde, the evening before the end of the trip.)

Here I tell you about the trips I've made, especially the one in 1998. I also tell you a little about Hurtigruten.

(Short about some norwegian letters: Å/å (in old words sometimes spelled aa) sounds like the beginning of 'ought', Æ/æ sounds like the middle of 'hair', and Ø/ø sounds like the middle of 'heard'.)

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A tips: Bergens Tidende, norwegian newspaper has links to cameras on among others Hurtigruten ships.

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