Hurtigruten Voyage Day 4

A globe on a skerrie marks the Arctic Circle

Now and then we meet the other ships in Hurtigruten. This is M/S Lofoten, one of the two remaining elder ships in traffic in 1998.

Houses on the shores doesn't only give shelter to the people living there, they also makes the scenery more human - and they give proportions to the scenery on photos...

Across Vestfjorden we see the south end of Lofotveggen, 'the Lofoten Wall'. One hundred kilometres of peaks and snow-clad granite and volcanic ravines rising from the sea.

We reach the south end of Lofoten in the evening. First we sail between small skerries.

A bit further on the pieces of land gets larger and higher.

2000-08-05. Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss ©. Prod: AG Informice