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Cars made in Sweden
has been closed.
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About the termination of Cars made in Sweden
This is what the konditor told in the main entrance Wednesday 19 January 2011.

Today the owner has made a larger change in konditori100.

”Cars made in Sweden” has been closed.

The reason is lack of spare time. Even though konditori100 is the owners favourite hobby, he hasn’t added a single little mouthpiece for three months. His spare time is also used for other activities like studying.

The owner told me this: When I began with ”Cars made in Sweden” in the late 1990s, I had no idea about the number of car makes there had been through history. At the end there were some 250 names on the menu, from single car constructors to companies like Scania and Volvo. The ”Cars made in Sweden” web area had grown to almost 650 web pages and more than 4400 photos.

He continued: I feel a need to update info about the companies that are in business, and to take care of all the info about car makes that I have waiting but still is unedited, and to reedit lots of photos especially from the early years when digital memory space was much more expensive than today and limited the size and quality of the photos I published. This would probably take me full time work for more than a year. It would also be nice to have more time to respond on e-mails, and to find info about car makes that I still know almost nothing about - to make ”Cars made in Sweden” more complete… But, time…

The owner is grateful to all persons who have contributed to the contents of ”Cars made in Sweden”, via e-mail and at car meets and museums and in other ways. One challenge has been in the few cases when info from various sources has been contradictory, and one such situation sadly has caused a more serious effect in the view of one company. The owner of konditori100 said: I understand their view. I am sorry for all kinds of inconvenience to all persons and companies that have been caused by background information that may not be correct. My intentions with ”Cars made in Sweden” has always been to use correct info.

The shape of ”Cars made in Sweden” now, made the owner decide to remove the entire area. To leave it as it is would be unjust to all the producers that are in business - while the info about them on these web pages is not updated. It would also be unjust when it comes to car makes that there are almost no info about now in ”Cars made in Sweden”. The rest of the konditori100/garage will also be closed within a month (when the owner has time to do it…), but the web pages “From events” will reappear later in the konditori100/travel area as parts of the owners travel memories.

We wish all car interested persons a pleasant time on roads, in garages, at car meets, in museums and other areas.

2011-11-25. www.konditori100.se. Text/pict's: Arne Granfoss ©. Prod: AG Informice